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Ruins of St. Agnes

St. Agnes Hospital


This is the ruins of St. Agnes Hospital, found on the campus of St. Augustine’s University in Raleigh.

Not a big fan of ‘ruin porn’ but this building seems to compliment the falling snow nicely.

The walls of this building have seen a lot of souls pass through it.

Among them: Jack Johnson, legendary heavyweight champion of the world. Mr. Johnson died here in 1946 after getting injured in a car accident on Route 1 near Franklinton (St. Agnes was the closest black hospital to Franklinton in the segregated NC.)

Video of Jack Johnson vs James Jeffries 1910 bout. 

Miles Davis’ Tribute to Jack Johnson.



Confluence of Crabtree Creek into the Neuse River.
Confluence of Crabtree Creek into the Neuse River.

This image was taken where the Crabtree Creek flows into the Neuse River (the Crabtree is on the right, 35.766°,-78.539°)

Given the last post’s brevity, perhaps I should expand a little on this post.

This is the second HDR I have ever processed. In the first HDR I processed (last week’s view of Raleigh) your humble host used a workflow that can be best summarized as chaos, wrapped in disorder, nested in ignorance.

This image of confluence (hopefully) represents an improvement, and that improvement (or hope therein) is this blog’s raison d’etre.